"William is a forward thinking and innovative designer. He consistently finds ways of thinking beyond the traditional boundaries of architecture to respond to a clients’ aspirations. He is dedicated to design excellence and is consistently raising the bar on design expectations. His passion for architecture and design is evident in his dedication to the project, the team, and to the client. He is a great collaborator, a thoughtful listener, and a talented designer.

William literally knows everyone, and knows how to put himself and the people around him in a position to succeed. If the majority of us are connected by ‘Six Degrees of Separation’, then William is separated by three. His knowledge and personal relationships within the design and construction industry have been invaluable to our design team. Knowing people is one thing, but where William continues to be successful is in finding ways to connect peoples’ interests in ways that are mutually beneficial. Neither of us has ever worked with someone who is so conscientious when it comes to building teams and partnerships for long-term success. He is a joy to work with."

Ryan Jones - Associate Partner, Lake|Flato + Bob Harris, FAIA - Partner, Lake|Flato

"William is a pleasure to work with, is a constant professional with not only an excess of knowledge in the building industry, but maybe more importantly an ease and charisma when dealing with clients, employees, and people in general.

After spending nearly a decade working for OMA’s New York office, I have had the opportunity to work with a number of extremely talented business development, human resources, and managing directors within their global network. There were many personalities there, with varying levels and combinations of skill sets, but I can’t recall working with someone who possessed such a comprehensive understanding of design, from concept to value engineering, project acquisition, client management, and internal affairs."

Patrick Hobgood - Principal/Design Director, Hobgood Architects

"I have known William Dodge for over 10 years, first as his instructor at the School of Architecture at North Carolina State University and later as a colleague in the architectural profession. William's most significant ability is to solve problems in a forthright and effective manner. No difficulty seems to faze him. His optimism and ingenuity are infectious. He has the natural qualities of a great leader: he listens attentively and serves others without drawing attention to himself."

Frank Harmon, FAIA

"William Dodge is an exceptionally creative and reliable colleague. I wholeheartedly recommend him as a collaborator, colleague, and employee."

Greg Raschke - Vice Provost and Director of Libraries, North Carolina State University

"William has an unmatched optimism for the pursuit of intriguing possibilities within the realm of architecture, planning and art. He is both an excellent employee and an engaging team member. He has been the impetus for some of our boldest proposals and he has an uncommon ability to join diverse groups of talented people together in a way that surpasses individual efforts. I attribute that skill to both the depth of his resources and personal connections and his passion for excellence in design."

Craig Dean - Owner/Principal, Craig Dean Architecture

"William is extremely enthusiastic and passionate about his work. In business development, this is particularly valuable, as it presents William as sincere and authentic. His genuine good nature is complimented by a broad knowledge of the design and construction industry, enabling him to understand the needs of companies and professionals. He is effective in connecting the dots and people, with an honest desire to help others to succeed."

Davin Hong - Founder/Principal, Living Design Lab

"William is a problem-solver. Not only was he able to connect us with a large network of clients, but also to anticipate our needs and solve logistical problems, such as finding ideal office space, hiring new employees, drafting contracts and developing successful business strategies. His spirit of generosity and candid heart make him a joy to work with."

Manuel Rearte - Founder/Creative Director, MRearte Studio

"It's very clear when talking with William that he is a highly creative personality with a very inventive nature. I evaluated several of William's invention ideas for potential market value and was struck by the innovative solutions he found in such a broad range of topics."

Scott Bolin - Co-Founder/CEO, Tethis

"William is one of the few people I know who will put their passion into action. He can be counted on as an advocate for good design as well as practical budget, neighborhood, and future planning issues. His enthusiasm, knowledge, professionalism, and public presence and advocacy for the built environment is most impressive."

George Smart - Founder/Executive Director, North Carolina Modernist Houses

"William has not followed the traditional path that most architects/designers often pursue. I think this is because he understands that most designers are isolated from the inherent and more common problems of habitation and shelter, perhaps in search of fame, wealth, or self-absorbed projects that frequently lead to artificial solutions or a limited impact in general on the lives of others. Therefore I think William's best chance of making a difference lies in his ability to work at the margins of mainstream design, following paths that might bring him into closer contact with people, the environment, and cultural traditions.

I would recommend William to any organization or office that is seeking to engage similar aspirations in making better built environs for those that matter."

Peter Wong - Associate Professor, UNCC School of Architecture